First impressions count for a lot, and nowhere is this more important than in the business world. Corporate car hire has long been a popular way to taxi business partners and potential clients around the UK, due to the numerous benefits it provides. From airport transfers to high-brow events, we provide luxury transport for a variety of corporate needs in Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas.


So why are chauffeur driven cars so good from a business perspective?



At Driven UK, we specialise in delivering luxury with every journey. Providing everything from wedding car hire to indulgent day trips, we ensure every car in our fleet is expertly maintained. Replacing them every 3 years, customers always receive the highest level of comfort and cleanliness.


Compared to generic taxi services, we offer a noticeably more comfortable and pristine ride, because we pride ourselves on the finest attention to detail.


For clients who have travelled far and need relaxing airport transfers, or who might be extremely busy, the extra level of luxury is highly appreciated and remembered.




With full training and a minimum of 5 years’ experience, our drivers provide completely professional and friendly service, addressing every need in a respectful and helpful manner. Chauffeur driven cars help your client or partner feel welcome, with the warmth of your driver helping everyone relax in the knowledge that they are well looked after.


Because we have spent many years providing personalised services for delicate and particular needs, such as wedding car hire, we are adept at approaching every requirement with patience and proactiveness.


Having been operating in the area for so many years, our chauffeurs become an extension of your business during the journey. With extensive knowledge of Haywards Heath and the surrounding areas, they are happy to answer any questions about the region, offering local insight and recommendations.


All this assures passengers that they are in the best hands, with your guests appreciating the high standards of customer service we continually deliver.



As a dedicated chauffer company, we undertake door-to-door service. This means no standing around outside, waiting for cab. When booking corporate car hire with us, we arrive 15 mins early, making sure we are always where you need us to be. The consistent reliability of our services is a sure way to impress business associates.


Furthermore, we are committed to delivering the most convenient and prompt taxiing services, picking you up and dropping off at your preferred locations. We check routes prior to travel, keeping an eye on traffic updates in order to avoid delays, which is especially important for airport transfers.




Driven UK corporate car hire helps companies in Haywards Heath stay on top of the game.


With the competitive nature of business, firms are always eager to make the best impression on new clients, as well as maintaining high standards with existing ones. Chauffeur driven cars are an increasingly popular way to do this, becoming the rule rather than the exception.

For corporate car hire that benefits your business in Haywards Heath and the South East, call our professional team on 01293 786786.

Driven UK Chauffeur Ltd
Driven UK Chauffeur Ltd